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We are so certain you will absolutely love the Rise Academy Program by Ultimate Freedom, we're putting our money where our mouth is. Try it out for 30 days risk free, and we promise you will absolutely love it, or we'll buy it back from you. No hassles. No problems. And we'll stay friends.

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We are so confident we can help you make money, as long as you follow every step of the training curriculum without deviation, and actively use our support system and our tools and resources, we guarantee to not only REFUND your purchase, but DOUBLE your money back if for some weird reason you’re unable to make sales.

How's that for a guarantee? You have absolutely NOTHING to lose. ALL of the risk is on us. So don't wait...come join us now and change your life forever!

Terms of Double Your Money Back Guarantee: In order to qualify for the double your money back guarantee, you must complete the entire 8 week training program, you must submit at least one ad to the Ad Challenge, and you must spend a minimum of $500 on ads. You must use our style of ads and presell pages. If you meet this criteria and you have still not made any sales, Ultimate Freedom, Inc will reimburse your ad spend up to the equivalent of your purchase price to a maximum of $2497. Final judgement of your qualification is up to Ultimate Freedom, Inc. This guarantee is intended to improve your chances of success. If you follow the criteria in the guarantee, we will be very surprised if you're not making sales.

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